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Don’t get me wrong, I would never actually buy them

I’m not one for sneaker trends. Every month there’s another Grazia/GQ hyped style. It was Stan Smiths. Now it’s Superstars, although it probably won’t be by the time I’ve finished this sentence. It’s fascinating to watch people race to adopt a hitherto forgotten sneaker style (because someone like Phoebe Philo is pictured wearing it at the Paris shows) before loudly professing to have always loved it. I often wonder if it’s more about the individual kidding themselves than anyone else? Anyway, it’ll probably be the Adidas Rod Laver next. Unless it already was and I’ve missed it.

I post these Laver Prez in off white, not because they are an ‘in’ sneaker. Are they even? But more because 90% of sneakers I wear are plain white or cream and the Laver is one of the more pleasingly minimal Adidas kicks you’re going to get.


Assuming you’re comfortable in Adidas. It’s still embalmed in Adidas branding after all. Taking the shoe as a whole, stylistically, I kind of like it, but at the risk of sounding like a major bell, it’s Adidas. And yes, I know in some circles that’s apparently considered ‘cool’ and that, but really, I don’t get it? Adidas are, and have always been, everywhere. Which is dull no?


Is style about individual personality or looking like everyone else? Or is style about individual personality and fashion is about  looking like everyone else? Is this just a load of nonsense and we’re all just fucking sheep? Phoebe Philo? Grazia? Adidas? I dunno… all I can suggest is, seek out a slightly less obvious shoe, if you’re in the market for simple. Try a pair of Novestas, or Buddys or Shoes Like Pottery? Just not Common Projects, that shit is all sorts of done. If it’s not possible to be unique, perhaps we can just try to be not so the same.



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  1. james

    My thoughts exactly one those Adidas and Adidas in general.

    Buttero are worth a mention if people are looking for ways to make white trainers better but the same.

    Size down massively though as they are fucking huge. I ordered my first pair in my usual size, Sir Steve Redgrave turned up thinking there was a boat race, he’d brought all his mates from the Olympiacos team. Was wearing a GB singlet (vest?) and everything. He’s not in the shape he used to be, so much middle aged, lightly hair-fuzzed skin on show, it was just embarrassing for all of us. The shoe sunk obviously, making a refund entirely off the cards. I had to be understanding about it, Buttero are trying run a business for fucks sake. But I was quietly disappointed, it must be said. The lopsided weight caused by wearing just the one shoe until my new pair arrived meant I just ended up walking in circles in the house every time time tried to go out. I was in a dizzy prison and just felt like a dick.

    Size down.

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