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Feed, weed and lawn care

It’s obvious to me that menswear now is all about looking like you work in a garden centre selling bulbs. Probably not a Homebase. Some indie garden centre (if there is such a thing) one that sells hemp shoes and gluten free compost. I base this view on personally enjoying the wares of Japanese, horticulture-influenced outfitter Sassafrass and the discovery of this shirt. Not a comprehensive sample I grant you. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that for all purposes, save this post, I’m certainly wrong.


It’s by Bedwin And The Heartbreakers, a brand we’re more used to seeing banging out sweats. But here we have the ‘Hughes’ shirt, a piece of equipment that nods to Japanese Samue Kimonos – as well as, in my view, Alan Titchmarsh.

HughesLSSamueShirtOlive3_1024x1024 HughesLSSamueShirtOlive4_1024x1024 HughesLSSamueShirtOlive5_1024x1024 HughesLSSamueShirtOlive7_1024x1024 HughesLSSamueShirtOlive8_1024x1024 HughesLSSamueShirtOlive9_1024x1024

Mid-weight olive cotton, that massive overlap fastening, a pocket and a bit of branding. That’s what you’ll get for your 126 quid. As well as a shit ton of questions about patio design.

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