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They’re just people, idiots like you and me

I’m not sure I fully understand the phrase, “yeah I like it, but I could never get away with it.” I mean, I get people say it. People are looking at a garment that feels outside their comfort zone and they say it. “I could never get away with it.” It just urks me is all. I’m urked. I’m the subject of an urking.

I like it, but I could never get away with it.” Phfffff… Yes you could. I say, if you really like it, just wear it. What are you afraid of? If you think it doesn’t fit in your comfort zone. Change your comfort zone. The worst that can happen is other people say things. And what does that matter? They’re just people, idiots like you and me. People worry so much about other people. I don’t. If people don’t like what I wear then so what. I don’t like those disgusting TOMS, sockless oafs strut about in like hordes of Dagenham Don Johnsons. But me thinking that is hardly going to stop them. Anyway, I’m waffling. I expect quite a few people would consider this jacket an ‘I could never get away with it’. Which is probably why I want it so much.

KaptainSunshine_20150330IMG_4730 KaptainSunshine_20150330IMG_4753KaptainSunshine_20150330IMG_4797 KaptainSunshine_20150330IMG_4692 KaptainSunshine_20150330IMG_4747 KaptainSunshine_20150331IMG_5860KaptainSunshine_20150331IMG_5903
This Kaptain Sunshine jacket is a Japanese product, available only on a Japanese site, so via the all too literal powers of Google Translate, I can learn two key pieces of information…

  • Chef Jacket which is arranged China button on the front.
  • While the image of the US military cock jacket, roughly box silhouette and that, you can wear in the image on the extension, such as roll-up possible cuff shirt.


So anyway, it’s light cotton, it’s got a chore style high button fastening and (clearly the killer detail) it has ornate button hole detail akin to traditional Japanese robes or perhaps gigolo’s dressing gown.

KaptainSunshine_20150330IMG_4298 KaptainSunshine_20150330IMG_4717 KaptainSunshine_20150330IMG_4377
It comes in pale blue (my fave) or white. And I love the way it’s styled here, loose jeans, simple T-shirt, wooly hat – it looks like the dude’s just thrown it on. Just thrown on a jacket with really ornate button detail to nip down the Japanese equivalent of the corner shop to buy 10 Marlboro Lights, three bags of Tangy Toms and a banana Yazoo for his heartburn. That’s a life I totally want to get away with.

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