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I’m not usually one for visible brand badges. This denim cardigan features one. So at first glance I’m thinking, ‘nahhhhhh‘. But at second glance, when I realise it’s by hyper-obscuro Japanese brand Anachronorm, I’m more like, ‘okayyyyyy‘. And then I realise that no one says ‘okayyyyy‘. Not like that. Not with five Ys on the end. You’d sound like a prize penis. So then I just change the subject to talk more specifically about the cardigan.

It’s built from 6.5 oz denim and it’s boasting golden brass buttons. It’s got cuff like a shirt and a collar like a cardie and there’s some trim on the pockets, oh, and that brand badge – ‘Anachronorm’. I can’t see what else it says on the badge, but it’s a Japanese brand, so I’d assume some nonsensical poetry about living, working and existing. Or something about water, air and sunshine, being like, pretty good or some shit.

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Either way I’d totally live, work and exist in this. The curved shirt-style hem confuses matters – is it a shirt, is it a cardie? I don’t know? I don’t care. I mean, do we really have to put labels on everything these days? I mean, apart from the Anachronorm one, which as we’ve established, is straight dope.

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