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A thin-lipped pull on a party cigarette

These Astorflex shoes are so fucking Oi Polloi it comes as quite a shock to discover they don’t stock them. If a pair of shoes epitomises the image of the lank-haired , Mancunian styleista it’s these. Centre seam, sand suede, gummy sole – what more do you want?


I can’t imagine these working with any other get up than a Christ-sized parka, some turned-up selvage, a check shirt and a thin-lipped pull on a party cigarette.


Don’t know why Northern dudesters swear by suede shoes? It’s always pissing down up there. And that’s bad for suede right? Or is it? Recently I read that, in fact, suede shoes are ideal for inclement weather. Something about the hide being resilient and easier to clean than people think. Which is surprising. I’m mean, I say I read it. It is possible I imagined it.

Quality post number 337 complete.

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