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It’s all gone a bit ‘memory-tech nylon’

So here’s a brand I’m not that familiar with – represented by a man with a severe side parting. It really is very severe indeed. Like a Lego man. One pull and that thing’s coming off. Wonder if he’s got a stud on the top of his head? But then I also wonder if I’m a flat-out idiot, so… you know…


The brand is Natural Selection. They’ve got a shop in Covent Garden apparently. I’ve not been. I might though, if I’m passing, on my way to some over-priced pop ‘culture’ entertainment, the kind Covs Gards thumps out at naive tourists.


Quite liking the ‘no collar’ on this thing. And the lighter blue zip. Is it all a bit ‘memory-tech nylon’ though? You know, a bit oily looking? Like that bro’s bonce.


Clean lines and hidden pockets” round out this 340 coin experience in coating. Dunno if that’s a lot these days? It feels a bit like, quite a lot. But then it is Covent Garden. The fucking mimes take Amex down there.

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