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Clinical depression and eating sausage rolls

Often, womenswear is about speed, menswear is about stories. The possibilities inherent to women’s design perpetually pumps myriad shape, colour and accessory permutations into the fast fashion dumbosphere. Men, on the other hand, tend to go with a jacket, some trousers and a shirt. So it’s to stories – history, heritage and construction – that men often look, to provide justification for purchase and indeed, the obligatory bragging rights. The brand Story, have taken this to heart. Not least by calling themselves Story.

Final+Lookbook+Draft_P3We never create something which is boring and done“, they say. “Unless we have something to bring to the conversation we don’t see the point of joining in.” Which is interesting. I mean, I know quite a few of people who insist on ‘bringing things’ to conversations I’m in. Most of the time it’s unsolicited, ill-considered, uninformed shit-wittery. But I take their point.


Anyway, Story make clothes. And they seem quite earnest about it. They never harm cuddly animals, they’re all about taking their time and exploring, “open source projects, alternative currencies and emerging technology.” So far, so, artisan cauliflower protein bread.  But putting to one side the digi-hippy aesthetic, they do make rather cool jackets.

P1120451 time+jacket

The one pictured here in various forms is the Time Jacket. It’s a simple two pocket affair, based on a pre-1950s prison issue coat, but rendered in hand dyed indigos, or “dyed yarn dipped in turmeric, myrobalan and a special mordant solution.” But just so we’re clear, Turmeric is a food right?


I love the cut on this thing, mad loose and baggy. Great top stitching too. And Story are happy to share the story of how their stuff is made, go here for the lowdown. What a lovely, right-on, eco-aware and darling company. Which is great and fabulous and fair enough. But, you know, we’ve all got stories. It’s just that mine all involve getting drunk, clinical depression and eating sausage rolls.

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