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Sean Connery in You Only Live Twice?

Either my boo is insane, or I am. There’s no room for middle ground on this one. I maintain I could get away with this. My boo thinks I am a bell. Thing is, I’m not sure I’m confident enough to risk the 105 coins to prove her wrong. Can a middle-aged, receding, white bloke from the Midlands, carry off what appears to be a very, traditionally, Japanesey shirt? Would such a man just look like Sean Connery in You Only Live Twice?


It’s got what is called a ‘kimono’ collar. You know ‘kimonos’ –  like what all the irresistible gigolos in the 70s rocked; along with a bushy tashes, goblets of fine wine and punchlines involving women doing the dishes.


Anyway, this isn’t about casual misogyny and key parties, this is by Koromo, it’s Japanese, so it’s, you know, all spiritual and stuff. It’s also busting some brilliant patchwork and weathering detail, which would instantly make any bro look like all styles of denim connoisseur. And 105 beans seems pretty good to me too.


I don’t think my boo is gonna budge on this though. So I either draw inspiration from my 1970s forefathers, put my money where my mouth is, tell the little lady to keep it zipped and buy the fucker. Or, I just quietly forget I ever wrote this. Ummmm…

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