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Thinking about shapes and colours for a living

Fleece. For many in the UK, the word is associated with a total indifference to style. Mostly in middle-aged blokes who’ve given up – pushing double-buggies around the country’s shopping centres, weary, brow-beaten and sexless. See them in their platypus nosed shoes from Dune, an ashen grimace and always the shapeless North Face fleece. Shitty fleeces turn up everywhere style isn’t – at car boot sales, underwhelming provincial museums and on contestants in Bargain Hunt.

The thing is, fleecy fabric is warm, comfortable and hardwearing. If only some smart brand could put it to a more stylish use. Like Anachronorm already have. That’s why I’m writing this.

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This is a brilliant piece. No ambiguity – as I’m occasionally accused of. You should buy it immediately from the mighty Blue Button Shop. Quickly, before I do.


Anachronorm is Japanese and this cut off cardigan (the collar and cuffs have a raw finish) and for fabric percentage buffs it’s magiced from 59% Cotton, 23% Acrylic, 12% Wool, 6% Nylon. A press stud fastening, a single pocket, a little brass rivet and a dash of credibility enhancing Anachronorm branding and that’s it. A perfectly dope chilly throw-on and one in my view that’s perfect for portraying that ‘I’m a creative’ sensibility. Apparently, there’s nothing sexier than a dude who thinks about shapes and colours for a living.



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