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‘The Bass Thing’ of shirts

Sometimes, when you follow a brand ravenously, your personal taste level is vulnerable to coercion. In other words, stuff you would previously dismiss as utter shit, steadily begins to look reasonable, even desirable.

Rough & Tumble is a sub–brand of Nepenthes, which means I pretty much have to think everything they do is fire. On the other hand, look at this fucking thing… It’s ‘The Bass Thing’ of shirts. A barbarity of early 90s Wonder Stuff and Poppies beats, woven into an unwearable cotton aberrance. And God Christ me, I’d still probably wear it.

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Fortunately, the Rough & Tumble line is not solely influenced by the languid, lank-haired, anti-style of the Grebo herd. I’m liking the quadra-pocketing on these over-shirts.

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But if the slovenly 90s pop-wastrel look, or this matter-of-fact, utilitarian petrol number doesn’t blow your doors of, check this. Shit’s about to get nuclear.

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Some big colours brah. I probably should have led with these, rather than that indie-monstro. Dunno what I was thinking? And all those Wonder Stuff references? I mean, does anyone reading this even remember The Eight Legged Groove Machine? To be fair, I didn’t. Fortunately, Google did.

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