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A piece of love


So, Russia have conducted tests in violation of the 1987 nuclear missile treaty. Cameron wants to frack the country to pieces. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues to shock the world. And now Ebola is threatening our airports. We live in testing times. Balance is crucial. These are problems that affect us all. It’s time for serious thought, consideration and soul searching.

It’s time to discuss a jacket with heart buttons.

If anything can help bring order, comfort and peace to our embattled planet, it’s a light denim jacket with heart shaped buttons. I imagine the design wizards over at Kaptain Sunshine, had the very same thought. Only last season, cos, like, it’s in the sale now.

KaptainSunshineSackCoatSaxonyBlueDenim_L1KaptainSunshineSackCoatSaxonyBlueDenim_L3 KaptainSunshineSackCoatSaxonyBlueDenim_L5 KaptainSunshineSackCoatSaxonyBlueDenim_L6 KaptainSunshineSackCoatSaxonyBlueDenim_L8 KaptainSunshineSackCoatSaxonyBlueDenim_L10 KaptainSunshineSackCoatSaxonyBlueDenim_L9

I’m not sure about the flouncy, buttonless cuffs. But if that’s what’s necessary to reinforce a message of global tolerance, then I’m on board. I would hope, anyone encountering such a garment, would be so moved by the custom-developed “saxony blue” denim, the heart-shaped, removable brass buttons and the clear 1930s bicycle sack coat inspiration, that they would lay down their arms, or hydraulic fracturing devices. Perhaps even the Ebola virus itself would appreciate the fact that this garment has been washed once to eliminate shrinkage, and that it was $420 and is now just $168 here.

One can live in hope.

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