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Look like you couldn’t care less what you look like, while caring about little else

The workwear style chore jacket game continues in London’s fashionable London Town. It’s pretty much standard issue – shrouding the bearded, the wooly-hatted and the plimsoled. Thing is, they’re kind of everywhere. And for a bro looking to keep his personal brand hype, basic navy chores just ain’t bringing the noise.


This 1950s style overall from orSlow, on the other hand, is all about progressing the genre. It’s a regular feature in the brand’s line-up, but the details – 9oz denim, blanket lining, black cord collar, brass finishing  – are perfect for now and give this piece a polished, premium feel.

orSlow-1950s_Coverall_w_Liner06_1024x1024 orSlow-1950s_Coverall_w_Liner08_1024x1024 orSlow-1950s_Coverall_w_Liner05_1024x1024 orSlow-1950s_Coverall_w_Liner04_1024x1024 orSlow-1950s_Coverall_w_Liner07_1024x1024 orSlow-1950s_Coverall_w_Liner02_1024x1024

Luxury utilitarianism? Bit of a contradiction in terms perhaps. But you probably want to bag one of these. Particularly if you want to swag about the capital looking like you couldn’t care less what you look like, while actually caring about little else.

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