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Meanswhile: not officially sanctioned PPE

It’s difficult to look at this hat without considering its PPE effectiveness. Admittedly it doesn’t feature a mask. But surely that neck nappy would offer some protection?  Can you get Corona through your ears? I expect it depends on their size. Did I mention I’m not a medical man.

I’m sure I remember more sartorially minded breakdancers wearing hats like this back in the 80s. Good for head-spins and windmills I dare say. Actually, I was a breakdancer. But sadly my skill set didn’t extend much to power moves. I did a bit of runaround and an enthusiastic back spin; I could flick from my back to my feet and my caterpillar was pretty rad. Mostly though I body-popped. Standing in one place, twitching and jerking like a spilt goldfish. My expression was always stern — the message: don’t step up unless you wanna get burned. At my local youth club no one ever did step up. In fact thinking about it, no one looked in my direction much at all. They were probably just scared.

Anyway, I digress. This fabric helmet is by Meanswhile, one of my favourite brands, but one that gets little play in the UK. While aesthetic brethren Eastlogue and And Wander have developed higher profiles over the last three years, Meanswhile remains broadly unknown. It’s a shame, as the brand offers a sporadic, but extremely interesting mix of techy-looking (if not always performing) casual-wear. They frequently hit the sweet-spot between heritage utilitarianism and tomorrow-poking cyber-wear.

Back to this hat and you might be relieved to know that the rear curtain is removable. It’s a zip-on, zip-off job, so after all this lockdown business is over you’ll be able to return it to regular bucket format. Or maybe not, right.

You might develop a taste for the throat shield. I mean, even when the lockdown eases, people are bound to be wearing masks for a good while to come. Strap a mask over this and you’ll be fully Kylo Ren. National emergency doesn’t have to mean style disaster.

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