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RANDT: in more sane times I’d fear it

Every day the same. Same people, same four walls, same back pain from working on the sofa, same boxset recommendations over and over. I don’t care what you say, I’m just not that interested in watching a schlock doc about a hilIbilly who wanks off tigers.

Lockdown is like a general anaesthetic for the senses. Social paralysis, intellectual numbness; I actually think someone could saw off my leg and I wouldn’t notice. A friend told me yesterday that they’d been spying on a family member’s rightwing Facebook feed. Apparently it was full of  ‘brave Boris’ posts — get this, some pricks actually want to clap for Boris’ recovery. It’s the first thing in weeks to make me feel anything. Utter despair, for the interested.

And then this jacket hit my Instagram feed.

It’s from Nepenthes family brand RANDT (formally Rough and Tumble) and yes, I know it’s been doing the rounds on social for a few days. But at times like these, when interesting stimuli is rare, it feels good to have a jacket kick your eyes out and knee you in the sensibilities. I mean, come on, look at this thing — the phrase ‘next level’ isn’t ‘next’ enough.

It might have a bit too much peak career Matthew Kelly about it for some. It’s also possible I’m so desensitised by lockdown that my critical faculties are on the fritz. But this jacket looks mad-necessary to me. All that stitching is done by hand. And that tropical print? In more sane times I’d fear it. Right now it looks like what I want to wear to brave the queues outside Asda.

Personally, I’d dress this jacket down – I’d need to somehow try and tame its dominant personality. Loose, casually rolled trousers, or jeans, maybe a simple sneaker… probably not a smart shirt. Those in the Nepenthes head-space will get this. Most others will not. So there’s a fine line to tread between Japanese inspired cool and camp 90s quiz show host. I’ve never felt more ready for the challenge.

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