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A balanced, professional assessment

I do sometimes feel like a right pair of penises doing these shots. I mean, what business have I to be grimacing out at you, in a jacket that looks like it was tailored by Jame (“It puts the lotion in the basket”) Gumb? No business that I can think of. Other than I genuinely love menswear and see little reason why bros past a certain age shouldn’t bell about in preposterously over-priced, imported garms.

I noticed that this is my 151st post. Which, in strictly numerical terms, is 151 more posts than when this blog didn’t exist. So, if you don’t like what you read, I guess, I’m not sure what you’re doing here? But, you know, hi and all that. If you do, please share. And perhaps hit READ MORE (not that ‘READ MORE’, the one I just wrote, the other ‘READ MORE’, there’s one directly below, these ‘READ MOREs, it’s underlined, like the internets do, use your eyes bruh…) and learn why I’m wearing a murderer’s jacket.

I’m not wearing a murderer’s jacket. I don’t know why I said I was. It’s an Indigo Farm x Garbstore creation. I’ve blogged on this before, but I didn’t own it then, I do now. And no I wasn’t sent one for freesys. I dropped my own papes, right here.


So basically, what we’ve got here is a serious road-test. A proper product review. A serious menswearist taking a garment to task on its failing and successes and providing a balanced, professional assessment of how it performs in the field.

So, firstly, I’d like to point out, there’s a fuck-ton of stitchy-witchy going on.


It also features a pair of arms, a back and a front, and a collar, and buttons. I feel comfortable going out on a limb and saying that if the sun comes out, you might find yourself a bit warm in this, but on cooler days, it’d probably be quite useful.

IMG_2235 IMG_2232

If jackets are your sort of thing, I can certainly recommend it. And in conclusion I’d say, out of all the jackets I have, this one, is definitely the most like this one I own.

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