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The relative merits of the Jacob’s Club collection

In order from rubbishest to bestest in the Jacob’s Club collection, my boo would choose Fruit, Mint and then Orange. Thing is, she’s never even tried Honeycomb. So, in my view, her position as an authority on the relative merits of the entire range is unsound.

I felt similarly under-informed before the launch of the Nepenthes online store last week. Nepenthes is the brolly-brand that shelters Engineered Garments, Needles, Rebuild By Needles, Needles Sportwear, South2 West8, Whangarei, Spectusshoeco and Sonic Lab. Course, I’d seen a load of the stuff over at The Bureau and Garbstore, but finally, the whole offering can be viewed in one place. It’s also home to this barbarian of a jacket.


It’s an Engineered Garments and Golden Bear colab – the latter being a San Francisco based manufacturer of leather and suede coatery of all flavours. I’m guessing, this jacket ain’t making an incursion into the UK retail space any time soon.

I think it’s massive fire. American leather and wool melton construction and peep that bold pocket trim… There’s olive ribbing in the mix too. And on the flip…


…there’s a rear hand-warming pocket thing. Balls alone knows what that’s for? I care zero, it looks laser-strong, I want it.


On the down, I’d first have to find 640 sheets and a flight to Japan. Unfort the Nepenthes online store doesn’t ship to these Englands. Unless it does. I’ve cut and pasted yards of Japanland squiggle writing into Google translate and I still don’t know. The only thing I’m positive about is that, “Customers Customers are shopping for the first time in our shop are not a registered member, please enter your information here.

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