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So who are you?

Japanese Americana fetishists Neighborhood, are getting mad props this season. East London’s Goodhood have been supporting for time, End have a huge AW 14 selection, the Carhartt x Neighborhood collection has some murderous denim, and then there’s the Adidas Originals by Neighborhood colab. With all that easily accessible western activity going on, the hardcore idiosyncratic, needs to go to source. You need to dredge the wares the West don’t get. You’ve got to buy a coat with ‘US Tires’ painted on it.



I’m not specifically into tyres. In truth, I give them little thought. I can’t imagine most people do. So the idea of walking around in one and a half acres of denim, screaming allegiance to American rubber, makes little sense to me. And so consequently, it makes absolute sense.

I mean, bust this and just consider the confusing signals you’re sending. The premier denim implies you’re not a tramp who’s found it in a bin. The lack of oil stains suggest you’re not a professional mechanic-man. So who are you? You’re a ridiculous mystery. What kind of man would consciously parade himself in this?


That level of peculiarment has got to be worth 237 coins. You can grab it over here. I guess it’s also worth mentioning that the grammatical difference in the US spelling of ‘tires’ vs the UK’s ‘tyres’ adds further complexity. Is it simply antiquey approbation for vehicular accessories? Or a savagely satirical suggestion that the United States is wearying?

It’s the former clearly. But, you know, I’ve got to fill this space with something.

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