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Laughing at nothing in particular


How much shit does a bro need to carry around? I’m thinking maybe a Macbook, some smokes, maybe a book, a pen, a phone? The makers of this thing seem to have different target. You know, the kind of bro that has to get somewhere quick while carrying a pair of watermelons. Or maybe it’s aimed at the baby stealing market? Or it’s just for transporting a fuck ton of rice to needy African families. You know, that hot-hot UN aid worker vibe – that no one is talking about right now.

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Either way, the front and back-ness of this SVG Archives by Neighborhood X Go Out bodybag is ruthless rare. Sanity is out the window, I mean, it’s like a bulletproof vest. One that won’t repel real ammunition, but will draw plenty of verbal fire from your brothermen.


I think this dude looks pretty cool in the pics. But he’s in a studio, grinning away, while in the process of pimping merch. Stick this brah in a flat top pub in Hanley on a Friday night, and he’d need more than those cotton body baskets to get out alive.

I dunno who’s in the market for this? I think it’d look super-swag on a gay San Franciscan bro at the farmers market shopping for peaches. Or maybe a professional tramp, so he can fill this thing with the shit he usually wheels around in a shopping cart, keeping one hand free for smoking used fag butts and the other for taking a piss in front of children.


Perhaps it’s best left in those pictures. On a bearded Japanese dude, staring at the clinical white flooring, laughing for the camera, at nothing in particular.

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