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If I could make a living posting pictures of me in shirts, scribbling about Japanese rucksacks I’m never going to buy and making jokes about doing a plip-plop in your pants, I totes would. I do, however, have a day gig, during which I make editorial produce which don’t feature pictures of me in shirts, don’t discuss Japanese luggage and don’t find involuntary excretion amusing. There is, however, occasionally overlap. Exhibit A: Virgin Holidays Unleashed.

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Basically, I editorially directed it. And for the interested, it features a piece on holiday rig-out. I had to include a bit of high-street kit for balance, but still, I managed to squeeze in shout-outs to Our Legacy, Beams + and Folk amongst others. And clock that title, ‘Choose your swag’ – that’s a bit of RampBoy stoopid upfront and centre in a mainstream publication. It’s worth checking for the innovative, slider technique we created – so users can swipe different pieces across mixing and matching the outfits.

Point your downloader hereways iOS and Android.

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