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Swagging Asda rollbacks


I’m a fucking urban warrior me. All day every day… I’m ignoring the lame-ass Reiss sponsored posts in my social feed. I’m rocking multiple episodes of Vera in one sitting. I’m down Asda swagging the ‘rollbacks’ and the ‘price freezes’, loading up on 50p packs of Fox’s Jam and Cream. I’m living large brothermen. Multi-skilling, multi-platinum, multi-wearing. I copped this Albam popover and banged out two wears immediately. First with my patterned EG blaze, for semi-casual, engagement party vibing. And second, here, with shorts. It creates the kind of searing look that makes passing ladies have to hit-up a newsy for a Magnum Infinity, just to cool down. You feel me?


The Dubs are from Church‘s – sale numbers I picked up a while back. Very comfortable, very well made and, in the sale, not too wallet rupturing. I’m slightly concerned that I’ve been accumulating suede shoes over the last few months. It remains to be seen how much wear I’ll get out of them when the weather gets its vulgarity on.


I scribbled about this popover before. Then went out and bought one. Good fabric, great shape, nice details, I’m very happy with it. But seriously, you know all that blather brands chuck out about ‘garments being ideal for hot weather’ and ‘it’ll keep you cool even in hot temperatures’? Well, just so you know, I wore this on a baking evening and I seeped so much I had to stand with my back to the wall to hide the fucking dark patches my juices created. It’s a nice shirt, but don’t think it’ll actually keep you cool.


Oh and forget the shorts. They’re just some simple navy ones I bought a few seasons ago from a sample sale. They’re D.S.Dundee, who, it sadly seems from their site, are no more. It’s a shame, but, you know, all the more time for you to drink in the pictures of my coltish legs.

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