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Maybe just call it ‘Bucket List’ and be done with it


For as long as recorded history, knitted hats have been the dominant millinery genus in east London. Most recently, those that bother to notice, have observed a migration towards ever more diminutive examples. This is not to say the circumference of the average wearer’s head has in any way expanded. More that the headgear chosen tends to err towards the snug. If not the miniature. Put simply, loads of bros are walking around in beanies plainly too small for them. They sit on top of the head, way above the ears, with utter discourtesy towards any notions of practicality. Like warmth.

This is not a look for me. However, should you wish to lead from the front by adopting this style, look no further than this example.


It’s from Béton Ciré a new brand founded in France in 2013. It is apparently “halfway between a bonnet and a cap, unisex and timeless.” Not sure about the timelessness myself, but I do think the leather detail will mark you out as a brah who demands respect – at least among other fans of unnecessarily small hats. Colette is all over these bad boys.

Contrary to virtually every piece of advice I’ve received, I think the future of hats is the bucket. If everyone’s wearing knitted hats, do something different I say. And I do. Almost irrespective of whether they suit me. I grabbed a bucket hat by Bernstock Speirs in a west London sample sale a few months back and I’ve had a number of well meaning, but ultimately crucifying comments. However, I persist. I think there’s something of a Bill Murray-ish attitude to a man wearing a casual blazer, an oxford cotton shirt and a bucket hat. And that’s good enough for me. Here are some of the strongest in class right now.


This is by Goods by Goodhood. Clearly, it’s got a bonkers navy and pink print…


…a subtle bit of branding…


…and it’s reversible, with a Japanese striped print on the flip. I also really like these two from Kenzo.


This fabulous navy and white affair is simple and hella confident. The white on white branding just about works for me. However if I was to go ballsout, this other Kenzo ink pattern hat is a killer.


This thing is off the charts. Sure, I’m not so down with the branding, but even then, the harsh white against this heckers pattern… you gots to love it. Grab one over at Wood Wood.

Got to mention Kaptain Sunshine too.


Rev up your Google Translate and you can pick these up from the Japanese Beams retail site. Beams actually collaborated with Kaptain Sunshine to get their first collection out in 2013. And you can see the same hallmarks of American classic styling, seen through a Japanese lens, in this work. Not easy to get hold of, but arguably worth it.

No question, these buckets make their own statement. Some see them and can’t disconnect them with a Madchester vibe. I prefer to imagine they’re more of a Hunter S. Thompson, deranged genius choice. They’re not for everyone. Not for the shy certainly. But if nothing else, at least they keep your ears warm.

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