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The perfect thing to wear when… someone in a meeting finishes their point, shouts ‘Boom!’ and looks at you expectantly

MySketch(7)I’m not going to mess around here. To invest in this Blue Blue Japan denim shirt requires crazy mad papes. 325 papes to be precise. Now you might be thinking that that’s quite a lot for a shirt. But you’d be wrong. It’s an absurd amount.

In fact, it’s been brought to my attention that two people could enjoy a four-night break in Ibiza, including flights, hotel and all meals for less than that.


But then I guess if you did the holiday, you’d only actually get wonderful memories of fine cuisine, glorious sunshine and the healthy glow of someone living life to the full.

If you dropped on this shirt you’d own a piece that’s been individually dyed, multiple times to achieve that astonishing rich colour. A piece that features traditional sashiko stitching. A piece that, just like every other shirt you own, will look slightly less good after one wash and will be a perpetual reminder of a holiday you could’ve had.

I’m confusing myself now. Do I want this shirt or not? I dunno. I mean yeah, I guess…

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