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Deference to cloudlessness


So, it was a day when it didn’t rain. And all of London quickly ran outside to walk about, sit outside cafes and ponder unusual vegetables on market stalls, before roughly manipulating  them, as though expertly divining their provenance. Men wore vests and shorts and took their socks off and publicly tongued handcrafted sandwiches, with an almost sexual gusto. Women wore hippyish, maxi dresses, bared their shoulders to the sun, then complained ten minutes later that they were too hot.

I sat outside a cafe too. I ate a leek flan, drank a latte, smoked and watched a small slice of London in complete deference to cloudlessness. For this occasion (the first for ages where I’ve left the beanie at home) I chose a Garbstore Rydal Sports jacket I bought last summer. I really rate Couverture and The Garbstore, not only is it one of the most beautiful stores in London, but their in-house clothing label produces some cracking pieces. This jacket is interesting to me because of the fabric – an unusual sand-rake pattern – but also because on the sides, it features two pockets in one – a vertical and a slanted, that intersect. I’m not saying they’re that useful, but I’m down with the way they look.


I also tossed on a shirt (own label Garbstore again) that features one huge pocket, called a map pocket. Again, the practical nature of one oversize pocket is questionable, however, I think it looks pretty steeze. The shirt is cut from light blue oxford cloth, wears well and as a little plus, features a bright yellow badge on the hem. So it subtly advertises your brand allegiance, if you choose to rock untucked.


I picked my trousers up at Gap, for 19 quids. Slim, army green and cargoy – they were a total bargain. Although I don’t usually advertise where I got them.  My spring vibing was rounded off with a pair of pretty box-fresh, Oliver Spencer Supergas and my trusty navy Japanese Seiko.


This watch is made for the Japanese market and features a far better finish and styling than the UK equivalent model. I can totally recommend this watch, its a self-winder and has so far never lost time. The only downside is that for fans of switching up the Nato strap, this one is attached by pins. It requires a watch-maker’s tool and a steady hand to remove. Snaffle a Japanese Seiko over at Oi Polloi. 

As the sun continued to blaze, a dude strutted past. He was busting a thick, dark, wool roll-neck and a pair of shorts. A fairly contradictory look, no question. But the shorts… They were white with some kind of weird, faded, 80’s print. They basically looked like underwear. Just like old boxer shorts. You half expected that if he turned round, you’d get an eyeful of his balls hanging out. Whatever you think of my getup, I promise you, I’m glad I wasn’t that guy.


  1. It’s a daft portmanteau word meaning ‘style and ease’. I think it first came from the Gang Starr track ‘You Know My Steez.’

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