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A strange girl spoke to me and everything…


Yeah, I know. That never happens. Until it does. Which it did. Today.

I was readying to leave an aggressively artisan coffee spot – the kind where all the cakes cost over four quid, look like wattle and daub and have sticks prodding out of them – and a girl approached me. I had never seen her before. We literally didn’t know each other. And she spoke to me. Out of nowhere. Let that sink in… And no, it wasn’t that my chair was on her coat, or that she just wanted a light, or that my staring was making her uncomfortable and she wanted to notify the authorities.

She came up to me and said, “Are those Red Wing boots?”

I said, “Er… no, they’re Yuketen.”

And she said, “Wow, they’re really lovely.”

And walked off.

Now granted, this is not quite as earth shattering as my meandering intro might have presupposed. However, for bros willing to be a little particular about their getup, it does go to show, possibilities are out there.

Of course, I’m not suggesting that because this lady took a shine to my shoes (as it were) she felt like taking it further. I’m not saying she saw this brief  interaction as the precursor to a deep and spiritual romantic liaison with me. But let’s be honest, she probably did.


Anyways… the shoes in question are indeed a pair of Yuketens, which I swagged when in Manchester over at Wood. It’s a great little shop and the guys in there were extremely friendly. I got them for £160, down from £320, which is bargainous in anyone’s language. A few months in… they’ve worn really well and – due to rigorous and frequent spritzing with protector – my initial misgivings about the durability of suede have proved unfounded.

If you don’t know the brand, they’re from the US and are designed by Yuki Matsuda. They are all about the quality – vegi-tan leather tucks, sit inside for extra comfort, they use supple naked leathers, natural rubber outsoles, and just great quality fabrics throughout. They’re not cheap, but you can find a solid deal towards the end of the season if you go on the hunt. It’s worth it. After all, when did you last get asked by a strange girl where you got your Ben Shermans?

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