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Indigo punctuation

There’s something about indigo in the sunlight. I understand that, scientifically speaking, most things are more visible when the sun’s shining. But the opulence, the profundity of colour that indigo dyeing affords, is really triggered for me under a cloudless sky. Which makes these Asahi… Read More

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Carnivorous space maggots

I’ve got one of these. It’s an And Wander Stuffsack, made of Cuben Fiber, a tech material resistant to weather, wetness and tearing. In the ‘real’ world this high-performance non-woven fabricĀ  is used for boat sails, airship hulls and kites. So don’t worry, it’ll keep… Read More

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Could be a game changer

For spring/summer, Japanese imprint Naissance have gone big on pastels. Blazers, tees, outerwear, even a softly muted camo; all in a diluted palette of yellows, blues and greens. Basically, the uniform of a Miami blow lord. But standing out from the dusty hued collection are… Read More