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Needles: like finding a vein of gold, or an extra bit of Titanic

If you visit the Nepenthes London site and click ‘Sale’, then ‘Needles’, you might logically expect to see all the Needles in the sale. However, in-line with the current global topsy-turvyness, this is actually not so. For instance, this hat is hidden away under ‘Accessories’ > ‘Hats‘. It’s Needles, it’s on sale, but for some reason it’s not in general population.

When, like me, you spend an absurd amount of time circling the navigational array of every decent menswear site on the planet, you occasionally discover the odd incongruity. It’s like finding a vein of gold, or an extra bit of Titanic. And the very fact I feel so passionately about this gives you a good idea of how little it takes to get me excited these days.

That said, this ‘discovery’ is actually quite a good one. We’re still talking £100 for a bucket hat, so it’s hardly a steal. But I do like the ‘salt and pepper’ pattern and the muted mustard tone is exactly what my chapeau-game has been missing.

I have decided to keep my girl in the dark about this. She has neither a passion for digital archeology, nor me spending £100 on hats I don’t need. So I have decided that the first time she’ll become aware of this is when I casually walk into the living room wearing it. It’s beige majesty will surely temper any potential ill will.

This will team well with my tan Nanamica rain coat and a quietly camp, leopardy Engineered Garments bag I nabbed last week  — yellowy, sandy, browny tones throughout. I must say, I’m finding myself drawn to sympathetic, even matchy colours in an outfit much more these days. It just makes sense. Feels logical. Unlike the route to finding this hat. And indeed the rest of the world right now.

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