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Kolor: harmonised to form a piece of art

I do enjoy the sales patter employed by certain menswear retailers. A frenzied mixture of hyperbole and (occasionally) outright nonsense, the attempts to justify, convince and ultimately get you to boot-up your Paypal are frequently, if nothing else, entertaining.

Take this example from Korean outlet I Am Shop:

This jacket is a unique product worn by combining a classic oversized blazer and a casual windbreaker, allowing you to feel the world view the brand pursues.

‘The world view the brand pursues’? It’s a blazer and a cagoule. What is it trying to say? That within every birdwatcher there’s a recruitment consultant trying to get out?

Perhaps I’m just not smart enough to understand? According to I Am Shop, “formal materials and sporty materials are harmonised to form a piece of art.” So now I feel even more dumb. This is art. And there was me thinking it was just a way to get punters to cough-up for two jackets at once.

That said, I am a punter and I have a soft spot for the brand in question: Kolor. Head honcho, Junichi Abe, consistently navigates the casual-meets-smart end of menswear, but with enough luxe firepower to make other brands blush. Kolor clothes feel substantial in the hand. The fabrics, the make, the detail; these are clothes with an eye for a trend, but they’re built to far outlast them.

Here, the pieces are detachable  — so yeah, effectively you get two jackets. But, as discussed, to really ‘feel the world view the brand pursues’ you should wear them together. The windbreaker is full sized, while the blazer is oversized, an awkward combination that will apparently lead to, “natural wrinkles.

I expect it is this smaller-over-bigger angle that leads I Am Shop to ordain it art. A bit crinkly, a bit gawky  — sounds like your typical avant-garde runway show. Perhaps this is best worn with a pair of underpants and a bowler hat.

Would I wear a this blazer with this cagoule on it? You know what, I think I would. Although someone would have to give it me, it costs ₩1,511,000  — that’s a lot of struck-through Ws.

I do really rather like this jacket(s). Course, it’s an insane price and I’ll never own it. But given the chance it’s the perfect piece to wear while theatrically strutting along making a hard-house ‘duff, duff, duff’ noise. You know, like you’re on a catwalk. I do it around the house every time I get a new piece. If my girl is sick of me doing it, she hasn’t let me know so far.

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