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Kapital: Yes. I know. It’s cold.

It seems the hot topic is no longer lockdown measures, or the effectiveness of the vaccines against new variants, but rather: when do you switch the heating on? We’ve been cold before. Yet no one in human history has ever bothered to work out how much heating a home for a day actually costs.

Some are advocates of wool, turning up to Zoom calls looking like Scott of the Antarctic. While others claim to hold out till mid-afternoon before cranking up the boiler. Then there’s the one who shrugs, saying they’ve got the heating on all day  — which means for the remainder of the call everyone is thinking about how much they get paid.

There is of course one perspective absent from the list. The individual who can afford to have the heating on all day, but prefers to spend the money on imported casual wear. Hello there.

This banger from Kapital looks like it’d keep you warm. It’s clearly been designed with Zoom in mind too  — all the interesting shenanigans are at shoulder level. Of course, today it’s of little importance what resides below the chest, you could be wearing a crop-top for all it matters. The grid of faces you yak at every day will never know.

This is “Nordic pattern boa fleece” apparently  —  an uninspiring sounding 65% acrylic and 35% polyester. But it looks fuzzy and patterny and would doubtless mark you out as mildly oddball amongst the more standard work from home get-ups.

It’s getable over at Blue in Green in both a red version and a yellow and both feature zippy-uppy pockets with, what appears to be, a tiger on the pull. I’m kind of digging on them, not exactly essential, but I’d have a slice. Although at $445 I won’t be dropping any time soon. I have no idea how much it takes to heat my home for a week, but I’m pretty sure it’s less than that.

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