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Nepenthes London: who’s the real victim here?

The Nepenthes hardcore may have spotted these knits over on the Hakata store Instagram. But what you might not know is that they’re expected in the London store next week.

How these Shetland made sweaters have made it the 9,206 miles to Hakata, before the 735 miles to London is anyone’s guess. I blame Brexit. Let’s not forget (as if we didn’t already have enough to worry about) that clown show is still incoming. I think of it like a third wave of the virus, but one we voted for. I’m sure the country’s already beleaguered small businesses can’t wait to enjoy more checks, tariffs, hold-ups and paperwork come December 31st.

And let’s spare a thought for the real victims here. Overindulged guys like me who have to wait a week longer to buy some slightly unusual knitwear. I said it. What?

By complete coincidence, I’m in the middle of a knitwear moment right now. In layman’s terms, what this means is: typically I don’t wear a lot of knitwear, but recently I’ve been starting to think about wearing more knitwear. I know, right. Some innovative shit right there.

I bought a bright yellow Heimat knit a week or so back. I’ve coerced my girl into ‘surprising’ me with this sweater on Christmas day. And now I’m ogling these new Nepenthes knits. If that doesn’t constitute a knitwear moment, then you might as well start to believe there’s no such thing as a knitwear moment. Then where would we be?

Nepenthes are really bringing the Nepenthes-style to these sweaters  — there are some deeply atypical details going on here. Check out that shoulder pocket. No, I can’t think of any practical use for it. Yes, I insist on it being there.

The long sleeved ‘Fisherman Pocket Polo Sweater’ (above right) also features some fantastic looking hip pockets. They look like round-neck collars, coming in at right angles. There’s a dropped hem at the back too. I can’t imagine a circumstance right now when I wouldn’t want to be wearing this bad boy.

I’m torn between that and the cardigan. I hardly ever wear cardigans. Primarily because I don’t like the traditional deep-V at the front, but also because they’re frequently too long and/or slim-fitting. But this number features a cropped length and veritable platoon of buttons marching towards a neat round neck. It’s amazing. Some might see it as quite a feminine style (think twin sets), but not me. If I don’t end up owning this I’m going to be asking myself some tough questions.


I wonder how much it’d be for both? I wonder how much trouble I’d be in with my girl if I pushed for a mandate on a double-purchase? I think I might just secretly buy them both and when my girl sees our bank balance I’ll just blame it on Brexit. Some paperwork snafu. Something to do with trade barriers, income per capita and customs checks. I’ll just remind her that the country voted itself to be worse off. So really, this outcome was inevitable.

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