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Unaffected: not for use, just for being

Here’s a question for your next Zoom quiz. Outside of their prefix, what connects the words unrivaled, unused and unaffected? Why, whey’re all East Asian men’s casualwear brands of course. And for an extra point: two are from Japan, but which of the three is from South Korea? Answer: Unaffected.

Feel free to add that to your next family quiz and watch as your parents nod off through the sheer excitement of it all.

This jacket is by Unaffected. And while the other two ‘uns’ are stocked over at London’s Goodhood, Unaffected is not. In fact I’m not sure if the brand is actually getable on this, the most idiotic of isles. If you want this jacket you’ll have to engage a proxy and grab it from FR8IGHT.

It is a tidy piece. Short, obviously, but with some challenging details. That patch pocket right over the chest is the USP. It’s not for putting things in. It’s just for being. It exists, that’s its job. If a pocket has to have a function, then this pocket’s function is simply to distinguish the wearer from those who don’t have a pocket in the centre of their chest.

I’m all about that mottled, imprecise dye job, the round neck is strong and the addition of a couple of zipped waist pockets add actual function.

It’s not a wallet-buster either. Currently 284,000 South Korean Won is just over £188. So, assuming the virus hasn’t (yet) infected your ability to bring in a wage, it’s a good price.

Sure there’s proxy and postage and probably import duty to go on there, and yes, you might lose your job as your business suffers a catastrophic downturn later this year, and of course there’s rent and heat and light to pay for and fish fingers don’t come for free, but these are just details. The kind of details us Englanders don’t like.

We’re the country of Brexit daminit. The country that voted for Boris. The country with the highest death figures in Europe. What have facts ever done for us? Now is probably the perfect time to drop a lump on a cool and entirely inessential jacket. Unless it isn’t.

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