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Bru Na Boinne: who dares wins, who cares doesn’t

Don’t like this jacket? You’ve made a mistake lad. Probably you were looking for boohooMAN and took a wrong turn. The internet’s confusing right? It’s okay. I expect you want some jeans with holes in the knees, or a pair of those big white rip-off McQueen trainers. No problemo, here you go. Any of that stuff will look boss after a quick 15 on the elliptical, a spray tan and a nicely oiled side parting. Mate, you’ll look ‘banging’. Up for some proper top bants I bet. I’m sure you and your identically dressed ‘crew’ are a right laugh.

Now off you go. Get yourself up West. And keep those legs spread on the train. You know what the birds like.

This jacket is by Bru Na Boinne and represents a real return to form for the brand. I urge you to check out the full collection, but for me this, mixed fabric, unstructured blazer is owning.

Of course this panelled approach to jackets isn’t new. It’s basically a less tailored version of what Junya Watanabe makes a living at. But, for me, it’s partly that softness, that air between the fabric and the body that makes it. I love Junya, but wearing his work frequently feels quite deliberate, a bit overt. On the other hand, a jacket like this could be bundled into a rucksack, then worn rumpled, over a plain tee. Perfect (faux) indifference. After all, who dares wins, who cares doesn’t.

This jacket comes in cotton twills a mix of sand and grey/blue striped. It’s clearly a chore shape. But I’d unbutton at the top and wear the collar flat, morphing it into the most casual of blazers. The only place I can find to pick this up right now is direct from Bru Na Boinne — so unholster your proxy service.

Speaking of not caring. I don’t really know why I persistently rail against the regional/Love Island stereotype. I don’t think I’m jealous of the tea-stained musculature. I’ve no desire to look like a steroidal Nando’s bucket in driving shoes. I should be happy. If it wasn’t for the prevalence of this stylistic affectation, this site probably wouldn’t exist.

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