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Barena: suffocating a snitch with a carrier bag

Somewhere between Jack Nicklaus and a mafia button man lies this. Yeah, strap in anarchists and ne’er-do-wells, it’s geometric knitwear time. A style beloved of louche 60s crooners and the shortest Two Ronnie.

This piece is from Barena, a brand rooted in the stylistic history of Venice, and it certainly looks the part. After a hard day’s punting, I can see your average gondolier tossing the stripy tee in the wash-basket and wearing this out for a few pints of Negroni.

We’re talking lightweight wool and a wide rib on the body. And of course it features snug ribbing at the cuffs and hem to keep things all trim and Italiano. Maybe it’s a more fitted look than we usually examine here. Italian casual wear is typically pretty body conscious after all. Pieces like this are often seen in cahoots with a slim, tailored trouser, neat hair and pointy footwear. In other words, maximum Mr Porter.

But I think this expectation is ripe for confounding. I’d buy this sweater a size up and stick it with some loose-fitting Engineered Garments cargos. Or perhaps a pair of Studio Nicholson ‘Volume Pants’; that’d really give the concept of proportion something to keep it up at night.

I like the bold stripes. I’m even thinking the whole knitted polo shirt might be due for the revisit. It’s sort of smart, but also sort of not. Perfect for the goodfella who has to pop round his mum’s before suffocating a snitch with a carrier bag.

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