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Nanamica: trousers through an APX5 Holographic Sight

This is what trousers look like when viewed through one of Modern Warfare’s thermal scopes. But here they’re not sprinting from the erratic spray of my Kilo 141. They’re just hanging in Goodhood. With a label that says Nanamica and a sticker that says £247.

I am a fan of Modern Warfare. But that’s not why I love these trousers. Goodhood are currently offering the best menswear selection in London, and buys like this are the reason why. Nanamica produce a great deal of safer clothing; beautiful, supremely crafted, paired back and simple. Nothing wrong with that of course. But every so often they release a total banger. And this print, on these trousers (and matching jacket) is the latest.

These aren’t simply trousers. They’re a lifestyle. They’re a point of view. Everyone’s got jeans, navy cotton trousers, perhaps some combat pants, something in olive, maybe something with fine stripes. But these are abstract — a freeform splatter yanked from the troubled mind of a Vietnam vet. In the background it’s black-on-blue camo. But then you’ve got those arbitrary flashes of white — like night-vision bullet strikes, or strangely gruesome flowers. Using your shirt, t-shirt or jacket to do the pattern work in a fit is commonplace. It takes maximum suave to win at the patterned trouser game.

As is frequently my preference, I’d go with 100% plain navy up top and maybe a brown shoe. Or a simple white sneaker. I’m not sure. There’s a lot to play with here. Although I won’t be playing with these any time soon. It’s back to Modern Warfare. But each time I raise my APX5 Holographic Sight to pop someone in the ass I’m going to think of these trousers. And each time my target shoots me before I shoot them, I’m going to curse that my existence isn’t sufficiently privileged to just drop £247 on a pair of patterned trousers.

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