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Useful for the extruded corn snack enthusiast

Sales are incoming in the UK. So the prudent individual will be keeping their wallet on lock until the 30% offs begin flooding inboxes. This site, however, is rarely prudent. With an apparently straight face, I’m about to suggest you invest £142, plus postage, plus proxy service, plus import duty, in a pair of trousers that look like pyjama bottoms. If you’re new visitor, I hope this effectively clarifies why this site is not for everyone.

These A Vontade trousers are over at Strato. Heavily striped and available in a navy/chocolate mix, or a sort of golden mayonnaise, they’re clearly aimed at the kind of man for whom privately scoffing Nik Naks in front of Killing Eve and publicly visiting the shops to stock up on more Nik Naks is much the same thing. These are the La-Z Boy of trousers; practical, comfortable and giving no-fucks as to taste and decorum.

There’s cotton and linen in the mix here, producing the kind of crisp, lightweight typewriter cloth common to many Japanese garments. You’ll also notice the elasticated waist with tie-belt – a useful addition for the extruded corn snack enthusiast.

Needless to say, I haven’t seen these trousers stocked in the UK. So they’d be a pretty good move for some afternoon-in-the-park standout. If you’ve got a sturdy constitution they’d be pretty multi-functional too. I mean, just look at them. These things could roll straight out of bed and onto the dancefloor.

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