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A face-full of splash damage

If you had to pick a shirt that captured the restless and excitable ethos of east London’s Goodhood store, this would be it. Just look at this thing. It’s a wearable Mardi Gras; check, leopard, stripe and plain all tooting their kazoos, elbowing their way to the head of the procession. Whether a single garment can responsibly modge together four different patterns without risking personal injury is unclear. Only irresponsible wearers need apply.

Flagstuff is the brand, born recently in Tokyo, they’re yet another brand exploring the visual language of the 90s, via the now traditional medium of sweatshirts and jogging trousers. They also do bags, socks and those weird neck-protector caps that look like something an urban anarchist might wear, just prior to being clocked with a police baton and running home crying to mummy.

Personally, I’m no so bothered with their faux-rebellious sportswear. But this shirt really is a proper weapon. It’s the kind of piece you’d only ever want to wear without a jacket. On full show. Sleeves rolled up on hot days. You’d own any environment.

Course, you couldn’t wear it that often. You have to give something like this time to recharge. But if you’re looking to upweight your armoury, this is a fucking quad launcher. Roll into a summer garden party in this and feel the temperature rise, hear the conversations stall and watch the expressions of your sartorial opponents drop as they get a face-full of your multi-pattern splash damage.

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