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Weather-appropriate and demented

Sun’s out – guns have no place in the equation. If you want to stick a vest on and lope about in your no socks, your thin-leather loafers and your calf-hugging denim, fake-baked, with your big fucking arms swinging about like a zoo creature, then all power to you. Just do me a favour and don’t leave the stench of your generic airport-lounge aftershave all over this site. Yes, the weather is warmer. But there’s no need to squash your dignity beneath a mouldy pair of TOMS. Don’t let the sun barbecue your taste. Keep your focus brothermen, when the temperature’s high, interesting, airy shirting is a power move.

There are a couple of shirts here, both from Nepenthes sub-brand South2 West 8, both cotton, both featuring an Indian Ikat weave. Clearly one is purple and one is navy. Thing is, due to the warmth, I’ve been forgoing a proper jacket, but can’t quite let go of my layering obsession. So a plain tee worn under a loosely buttoned shirt is my current go to. But it can’t be any old shirt, it’s got to be weather-appropriate, and (it goes without saying) on-point. As discussed plenty of times here, the Hawaiian can come off as retro-hipster; I think these pieces occupy a good middle ground between interesting and a scooter-riding beard in fluorescent Crocs.

These shirts have some big ass buttons, which I think I like. Also they’re not designed for the tuck-in. They look short in the body and the straight hem is ideal for just wearing as a shirt-jacket, or (cough) ’shirtigan’ if you insist. Not sure whether the safe navy is the move, or go demented and hit up the purple? This is one of those situations where seeing things in the real is preferable. How purple is that purple? Dazzling or pretty muted? I’m gonna go see. That’s a trip to Garbstore in the diary for this bank holiday weekend.

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