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Treacherous territory indeed

This is by YSTRDYS TMRRW. It’s called the ‘Grown Up Shirt’ And my God if it isn’t grown up. This is definitely what grown ups wear. This is what grown ups wear when they’re dancing on the bow of a yacht, with a sunburnt forehead, singing Rio into an empty Corona bottle.

This is a piece is what this is. No half measures. If it looks more like a cardigan than a shirt to you, that’s because it looks more like a cardigan than a shirt to everyone, but it’s called a ‘shirt’ so get over your bad self. It’s made of Zelander Dream merino wool, which is apparently “extremely lightweight and breathable.” A fabric so posh it comes direct from Loro Piana, the luxury knitwear brand beloved by the ruddy-cheeked, swan stranglers you’ll find clogging up Bond Street.

Don’t worry though, the shirt’s ‘directional’ fastening – snap-buttoned at the hem alone – will scare away those whose cheque book is bigger than their imagination. I mean, that’s a big V. It’s a lot of hole. Whatever you choose to wear underneath this, won’t really be underneath this.

Then of course there’s the silhouette. This is some Robert Downey, Jr. in Less Than Zero shit. It’s got that bolero thing going on – just begging to be worn with a muscle vest, tight jeans and cowboy boots while squinting into a neon rain.

Ready to dance in the footsteps of Kajagoogoo? Treacherous territory indeed.

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