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Hiding in plain sight

This is straight up blasphemy. Your chosen God is irrelevant. Forget what you believe or think you believe. And on the off-chance you have an allegiance to a particular tartan, go ahead and chuck that in the McBin. You are looking upon the new world order. The unenlightened may only see a coat made of different checked fabrics. But come doomsday, those misguided souls will feel the endless prick of the devil’s own sausage fork.

Supposedly it’s produced by Japanese brand Kolor. In truth, it clawed its way from a jackal’s birth canal. It looks like it’s made of nylon. It’s actually 95% depravity, 5% unsociable. To wear this is to take your rightful seat at the head of a global business corporation. From there you can quietly plan armageddon.

As usual retailer Present offers no detail around the item. A long-standing practice, the intentions of which now become clear. The beast is with us, hiding in plain sight amongst White Mountaineering raglan sleeved parkas and Stone Island shoulder bags.

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