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So rare even Google hasn’t heard of it?

Longer coats feel right at this time of year for the most obvious of reasons – more coat, more coverage, more warm. But a coat like this also offers a stylistic imperative absent from bombers and hip-length variations on the chore jacket. It smartens things up. Even tossed over a standard jeans, tee and sneakers fit, the transformation from regulation dosser, to someone-that-could-be-a-someone is immediate. And you can up that notion x 1000 when it comes to this indigo edifice from Porter Classic.

It’s next level beautiful, with a next level swing ticket. You’re going to need £760 in your trousers and that’s before we even get to proxy service and import duty. That said it is apparently made of a, “a very rare material”. A material that Google Translate spits out as either “saspasis”, or “saspas”; neither of which produce any results in a general Google search. So rare even Google hasn’t heard of it? More likely a mistranslation paired with my evident ignorance. Rare or otherwise, you have to agree it’s a handsome looking piece.

I can tell you with confidence that this is part of a “Porter Classic” 10th anniversary release and consequently has a limited run. It’s lined with a fleece material and features a relaxed fit, which means you’ll be able to layer it over all manner of gilets, knits and heavy denim shirting as sub-zero approaches.

You can grab it over at Digital Mountain if the mood takes you. They’ve got a couple of sizes and needless to say, the chances of you bumping into someone down ‘Spoons in the same thing are less than nothing. It really is a superb fabric, whatever the fuck it’s made of.

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