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A tangerine fever dream

The most conspicuous birdwatching jacket ever? Or some bedevilled copulation between a fireman and Crocodile Dundee? Either way, this weapon from Japanese brand Digawel is noticeable for all the right reasons. Just look at the contrast between the satsuma body and those, rich brown pockets. Squint and you’ve just smashed a Terry’s Chocolate Orange – the shiny wrapper, the splintered insides – if this wasn’t made of fabric I’d happily eat the whole thing with a builder’s brew and a boxset.

Over at retailer Sculp Store there are sadly no details on the make-up – looks to me like heavy nylon on the body, with moleskin for the pockets and the cuff trim. It’s fairly straightforward; straight cut body, covered buttons, neat collar. But then of course there’s the liberal approach to pocketing. The four big ones I get. But what exactly you’re supposed to put in the four little ones is anyone’s guess. Aesthetically I love them. Practically I’m confused. But even so, that isn’t the end of the pocket story.

You’ll have noticed the upper left chest pocket (the single navy one) is removable. And not only that, it’s wearable separately as a sort of neck-wallet. Worn in this formation, you’ll reveal the shards of fluoro velcro; further reinforcing your faux firefighting credentials.

The whole thing’s a tangerine fever dream. Basically you get a coat and a wallet in one. Plus everyone will see you coming. In truth, I don’t think you’ll look like a proper fireman. But don’t worry. You’ll definitely pass for an office fire marshal. And of course, for many of us, that level of responsibility and sexual allure is but a dream.

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