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See-sawing confidence

Here’s a knitted, hoody, sweatshirt type thing. I don’t want to go down the whole Paddington Bear route, but, you know… those of a certain age will be thinking it. It’s by Engineered Garments, it’s chunky, bold and vaguely childlike. Whether a fully-grown man should be poncing around in this is obviously down to personal taste. However EG head man Daiki Suzuki obviously thinks so and, after a brief discussion with myself, I’m inclined to agree. Looking like a woolly cartoon character is okay. In certain circumstances. Circumstances I’m having difficultly imagining, but nonetheless almost certainly exist.

I guess, the hook here is the mix of houndstooth on the back, the right sleeve and the hood and the giganto, zoomed-in check over the rest of it. It’s a sensation is what it is. A sensation made of 60% polyester, 27% wool and 13% acrylic.

It looks hefty. I dare say you could get a big parka over it on sub-zero days. Not sure you could get away with even a loose blazer though. If you tried to peel a slimmer garment over this you’d end up with bulges and humps where they shouldn’t be – you’d be a contortion of a man; in 19th century London you’d be in a cage with people throwing turnips at you.

Probably best left as outerwear this one. Just wear it big and bold.

So is it really suitable for a man of years? It’s not entirely clear. But with those checks as big as windowpanes, why not peer through?  Look closely and you’ll spot the see-sawing confidence of any middle-aged wearer.

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