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As your agreeable smile splinters

Action man gear for the Pumpkin Spice Latte warrior. Sure, this multi-toned quilted top from Eastlogue has a military lean, but make no mistake, this isn’t a garment for men of war. But it does offer a kind of protection. This is a garment for men who think for a living, or at least pretend to – expect to find it in a beard twisting, creative meeting. The nylon shell and cuddly 3M Thinsulate insulation will offer some sanctuary for any despondent graphic designer, as accusations of pedestrian typography and sloppy kerning are levelled by a dissatisfied client.

The triple colours really work. While the snap buttons at the neck and side seam add just enough fiddly detail to elevate the piece, without swamping it with tricks.

Naturally, such a killer piece isn’t available in the UK. You’ll have to head to Korea’s Sculpstore if you’re interested. Whether it’s sufficient to fully protect you from a damning client review is unclear. But even as your face boils and your agreeable smile splinters, at least your top half will look good.

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