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Kaftan clad playboys and opium cakes

Fire up the incense, we’re going full bongo. Washed out chambray, tie fastening, bead detail – this is total Midnight Cowboy freak out. This is a hippied-up James Fox in Performance. This is from Kapital. A brand that seems to exist in some otherworldly hinterland between a holistic healing centre and a Navaho disco.

In Japan this modern Kimono style seems to have been embraced by men of clothes. In the UK they rarely crop up in retailer’s edits. It’s not entirely surprising. At least in Japan the style is tethered to history. Over here, this level of ‘foreign’ is libel to make you feel chastened by a sense of berkishness. Which is a shame. Because, well, this piece is a total weapon.

With a blanched tone akin to yesterday’s Franken-tee, while advancing the style of this recent Kapital number, this is actually practical (lightweight, simple tie-belt) and stealthily dazzling (those beads.) Simply apply over a plain t-shirt and elevate yourself to a world of kaftan clad playboys, opium cakes and women with big hair wearing swimsuits and high heels. I realise such an image runs counter to the progressive, Hannah Gadsbyist sense of wokery we all now subscribe to. But fortunately this beaded kimono jacket offers an out. I mean, look at it, it’s a beaded kimono jacket. It’s cultural shorthand for spiritualness. Only positive-energy, zen-liker blokes would wear this. And such men never have bad thoughts about women with big hair wearing swimsuits and high heels. Ever. 

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