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Knit-mental Gileadan wives

Perhaps not the most practical of garments. Nevertheless, I believe most of you feel that life without a short sleeved knitted top, featuring a slab of crochet on the front, is no kind of life. Let’s put aside the news of treasons, lies and grotesque human injustices being metered out, hourly, on a global scale. Really, is this top any less important? I mean, it’s from a weird Japanese brand. It’s really tricky to buy it. No one you know will have it.

We’re all going to hell anyway. It’s not like you can do anything about anything. You might as well buy a stupid sweater.

The brand in question is My Beautiful Landlet. The designer behind the brand is Koji Akasaki. Other than this I know next to nothing. I thought it was mostly aimed women, but no, you can check a decent sample of their men’s offering over at Crack Floor.

There’s a great deal of the 80s in My Beautiful Landlet – voluminous trousers, lots of dropped shoulders. I was slightly too young to dress like one of the Spandau Ballets at the time, now however, I’m quite into the heavily pleated hot air balloon look. This sweater-tee isn’t quite so out there. Although the transformative powers of wearing a slice of granny knitting on your chest shouldn’t be underestimated. Even paired with a fairly nondescript jeans and sneakers flex, you’re gonna look like you’ve been set upon by a group of knit-mental Gileadan wives.

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