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In the parlance of retailers everywhere, ‘relaxed’

Not one thing in this world remains as is; seasons change, the stream of a river flows, and every moment passed becomes history.” Such is Prospective Flow‘s pitch. It’s an LA based brand, but with Japanese design direction. And two things are immediately clear. The Japanese touch extends to pseudo philosophical truisms, while the US’s eye on economics keeps the pricing reasonable.

The result is trousers like these. Massive and directional, with a hint of Bow Wow Wow. You last encountered these in a Jay McInerney nightclub scene. But surprisingly the swing ticket belies their pretension. You’re looking at just $205. Which comes in at just over 150 quids. Dunno about you, but to me that seems the right side of wrong.

Whether you consider the style of these things to be on the right side of wrong is a different matter. They may look fully Culture Club, but they’re actually derived from classic Japanese fisherman trousers. There’s a belted wrap waist, a flapped back panel and as you can clearly see, they are, in the parlance of retailers everywhere, ‘relaxed’. Translation: baggy as fuck.

It’s the cropped legs that will probably frighten. And as someone used to wearing ‘too short’ trousers, crossing my legs and immediately feeling distinctly queasy at the amount of exposed sock and pale leg, I hear you. Still, to deploy the kind of truism the brand is evidently comfortable with, you’ve got to be in it to win it.

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