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The Red Chino Squad won’t know what’s hit ’em

This guy knows what he wants. He wants to stand about in a South Korean suit, a neckerchief and a pair of sneakers. He wants to look quizzically to one side, as though pondering an undetected universal truth. Or a lady’s bottom. Doesn’t matter which. He’s living his dream. And its a dream you can have too. You can literally buy this fucker’s dream.

I’m gonna say right now, the beard and that shaggy succubus on his head aren’t included. What you’re paying for is a pale blue stripy jacket. A jacket by the brand Neithers. A jacket with shirt-style details. A jacket that, over at retailer Konvini, is titled the “Wearable Jacket”. I do prefer to wear jackets so this is definitely a box ticked.

More often than not, one associates this kind of look with seersucker. Here though the brand has gone in a different direction. The jacket uses a non-wrinkle poly-cotton mix, resulting in a pleasingly clinical, sharper finish. The snap button detail, running the full length of the piece, is savage. While tucked out of view inside you’ll notice a weird little pocket at the hem and Neithers’ aquatic beastie doing its logo thing.

Sure, you could go for the whole suit; a strong play for more contemporary summer weddings. But with a mashed up style like this, it should be possible to reclaim the pale blue stripy jacket from the braying driving shoe bros. Toss on some baggy, cropped trousers, perhaps a Japanese bucket hat, an antique bangle or two and add beads to taste. The Red Chino Squad won’t know what’s hit ’em.

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