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It costs a bomb and makes you look like you’ve been hit by one

Understanding the brand Tender is a bit like understanding fancy cuisine. When a restaurant features ‘chalk stream trout’ I have no idea whether that’s better than just trout? And when it’s served with ‘monksbeard’, I have literally no idea what fucking monksbeard is, but you try and stop me dropping £16 on that bad boy.

In a similar vein, this Tender Double Front Butterfly Jacket uses ‘warp/natural jute weft sawtooth twill’. Plus ‘rope-dyed ring-spun indigo cotton weft canvas’. Frankly that’s just too many words. I am baffled into assuming this all makes it good. And it is based on this level of insight I now recommend this jacket to you.

Over on Tender’s site they explain how this shirt is constructed. I’m not going to re-word that here, in truth I don’t entirely understand it, go here and read if you want. I’m shallow. I’m less concerned by how it’s made and more by how it looks.

At its core, it’s a jacket with too few buttons at the bottom. During wear this will doubtless lead to a natural opening of the front panels, like wings, hence ‘Butterfly’. And I like it. It’s louche. Beautifully disheveled. Like many of the pieces we examine here, it costs a bomb and makes you look like you’ve been hit by one.

The tan version pictured is over at Present for an athletic £465. While over on Tender’s site they are knocking out the same jacket (but seemingly in a lighter shade – although I’ve been fooled by web shots before) for £395. Hell of a mark-up that Mr Present? Unless there’s something special about the style you stock? Might help if you actually put some product descriptions on your site.

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