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Accusations could be levelled at these pages that they’re too keen to cover ridiculousness. Hence today’s choice. Wearable, but still niche. Difficult to get hold of, but unlikely to provoke ridicule. It’s a green jacket. It’s got velcro and pockets. It’s from Nonnative. Now try not to doze off.

You’ve probably got something in your portfolio that already does this kind of a job. Easy to toss over denim. Worn over a longer line, stripy cotton shirt it looks a bit fashiony. Thin enough to work as a layering piece. I expect you’ve got something like this already. But you haven’t actually got this. And with such gossamer justification in hand, let’s plod on and talk more about this wardrobe standard.

It’s a reimagined work jacket and notable for the covered button placket, the capacious pockets and crucially the velcro fastenings around the cuffs and waist, without which it’s simplicity might provoke a narcoleptic episode. Still, it’s a useful piece. Not everything in your wardrobe should punch people in the face. Perhaps just team it with yesterday’s hat when you want to take things up a notch.

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