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No one is asking these questions

Problem no.1: It’s difficult to find men’s shoes that make you look like a small girl.

Problem no.2: Hardly any people have issues with loafers falling off all the time, even so, few designers seem keen to address this non-existent headache.

Those of us tortured by insomnia over these simultaneously irrelevant and pressing dilemmas can take solace in the fact that, with these shoes, Hender Scheme has finally answered the questions no one is asking.

There’s a real commonality with certain pieces of Needles footwear here. While the clumpy, oversized, multi-welted shoe is the familiar choice for the UK based trendsman, certain Japanese brands insist on relentlessly presenting delicate pumps. Shoes that look like they belong on an infant Georgian prince. If Needles velvet mules are the apex of this weird delicacy, then this Hender Scheme ‘Neo Strap’  model isn’t far behind.

In the Needles world, this kind of thing is teamed with tremendous trousers, coming off like a hot air balloon with feet. Over at stockist Coverchord, these are paired with modest, trim style, resulting in something considerably less demented and far more wearable.

Still, going delicate on your footwear is something of a leap. Those wedded to Vibram and Commando soles will need some convincing and it’s not a quarrel I care to undertake. Your call. If you’ve got sufficient ambition to be different and the self-confidence to field constant references to Blackadder have at it.

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