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No, you can’t get a laptop in them

The shoulder strap is the star of these SASQUATCHfabrix bags. They look a bit like the spine of one of Giger’s aliens; robust but forgiving and just vaguely icky. There’s rubber inside that nylon strap, presumably responsible for that queasy corrugated feel. But if it sounds as though I don’t like it, I’m doing myself and it a disservice: it’s all killer.

Of course, over the last 12 months, the cross-body pouch game has been fully played. And while the Hypebeasts and HighSnobs are still pitching it as a strong trend for ’18, it is beginning to resemble visual shorthand for ‘victim’. Even so, they remain tenacious in their usefulness. No, you can’t get a laptop in them and for some, that will be the end of the conversation. But for stashing all other urban ephemera they’re easy to become reliant on.

Apparently using high-tech material XPAC these bags are entirely waterproof and a zip tape is used to further dissuade unwanted moisture. You can grab them over at Digital Mountain in orange, black or tan for a pretty reasonable 70 quid. Assuming you don’t mind jumping on the cross-body bag train a little late, and/or looking like you’ve got a Xenomorph burrowing into your Deltoids, get on it.

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